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Galveston DWI Attorney

Updated: Apr 4, 2024 @ 8:11 am

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The city of Galveston, Texas is best known for its beaches, shorelines, events like the Mardi Gras festival, and as of recent years, Hurricane Ike. As its name implies, the city is located within the legal jurisdiction of Galveston County, Texas. About 50,000 people live on Galveston Island which, prior to Hurricane Ike, was the largest city in Galveston County, Texas.

Its commonplace for tourists to the island to have a few drinks while enjoying the beach, the party atmosphere, and the waters. It is equally commonplace to witness the presence of the Galveston Police Department in-action arresting beach-goers for public intoxication and drivers for driving under the influence.

If you ever come to the island with intentions of drinking and having a good time, take care to avoid becoming intoxicated, or even worse, arrested and jailed for an alcohol related criminal offense.


Arrested for A DWI Offense in Galveston?

Attorney Tad Nelson is one of the best decorated, and most experienced DWI lawyers operating out of Galveston, Texas. The Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates has law offices in Galveston, Texas at 1919 Sealy St. We’re always available to help with any challenges you may be having with the criminal justice system.

Call 409-904-0075 for help or directions to our law office.

If you need help fighting accusations of Driving While Intoxicated, contact attorney Tad Nelson as soon as possible. You only have about 2 weeks to save your Texas Drivers License and we all know that in a large state like Texas, especially in the Houston-Galveston area, not being able to legally drive can cause difficulty in everyday life.

If you or someone in your family is facing these type of difficulties in the legal system due to being accused of DWI, contact our law offices immediately.

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Galveston DWI Attorney
Galveston DWI Attorney
Galveston DWI Attorney
Galveston DWI Attorney
Galveston DWI Attorney
Galveston DWI Attorney