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Hitchcock DWI Defense Lawyer

Updated: Apr 4, 2024 @ 8:15 am

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The city of Hitchcock, Texas is a small city of about 7,000 residents which is located within the legal jurisdiction of Galveston County, Texas. A young city founded in 1960, the townspeople are serious about law enforcement, sex offender crackdowns, and DWI stings, resulting in active law enforcement activities among its small police force.


Accused of Drunk Driving in Hitchcock, Texas?

Galveston County DWI defense attorney Tad Nelson is ready to help you fight the State of Texas’ allegations of drunk driving. Attorney Tad Nelson is one of the best educated, most experienced, and best decorated DWI lawyers currently practicing law in the United States.

As one of a handful of DWI lawyer scientists in the United States of America, an ACS certified scientist, it helps when your legal representation is the expert witness who happens to be local.

Contact the Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates if you’re facing prosecution in the court of law, need help, want to fight for your freedom, or fight the charges against you.

Hitchcock, TX Info & Resources

Attorney Tad A. Nelson has served the people of the Greater Houston area for over 25 years as a successful defender of the accused in Galveston and Harris Counties. When you walk into The Law Offices of Tad Nelson and Associates you’ll be overwhelmed by the professionalism and high spirits of our attorneys and staff.

We’ll be ready to discuss the nuances of your case and will be happy to let you know if we believe we can successfully defeat prosecution at trial. In some cases, when the evidence of guilt seems to be overwhelming, there’s still an angle we can take advantage of which will likely result in you waking out of court free and clear.

Don’t hesitate to contact our law office if you’ve been accused of any criminal offense, including DWI cases.

Hitchcock, Galveston County, Texas DWI Attorney

Hitchcock DWI Defense Lawyer

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Hitchcock DWI Defense Lawyer
Hitchcock DWI Defense Lawyer
Hitchcock DWI Defense Lawyer
Hitchcock DWI Defense Lawyer
Hitchcock DWI Defense Lawyer
Hitchcock DWI Defense Lawyer