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DWI: Felony Offenses

Updated: Dec 13, 2022 @ 1:20 pm

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Individuals arrested and charged with a Felony DWI in Texas can expect to be treated like any other person accused of a serious felony, like a dangerous or violent criminal. While this may be unnecessary for most people arrested for Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), the law makes no favorites regarding the enforcement of violent criminals or persons charged with a felony DWI offense.

This is especially true for people arrested for Driving While Intoxicated a 3rd time in Texas, a serious offense that can result in a 20-year jail sentence if convicted.

Beating a Felony DWI Charge

TO BEAT A FELONY DWI CHARGE IN TEXAS, YOU WILL NEED a best-of-breed lawyer in your corner. You’ll need a professional DWI lawyer that knows the law and the science and has the experience to make said knowledge benefit their clients.

Tad Nelson is one of the few Attorneys that specializes in DWI defense. He’s Board Certified in Criminal and is an ACS/CHAL Lawyer-Scientist. This distinction affords him a far more effective slate of defense options for people charged under felony DWI guidelines.

If you need to consult with a defense attorney about helping you or a loved one with a felony DWI or other type of criminal charge, contact our legal team. Contact us to schedule your free consultation with our legal team today by calling our law office at 409-904-0075 or by sending us a message using our contact form.

About Felony DWI Offenses

The specific Drunk Driving offenses that can result in a felony criminal charge in Texas are listed below.

Potential Criminal Penalties

Fine: Up to 10,000.00

Jail Time: 2 to 20 Years* (Depending on the Circumstances) with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ).

Other Penalties: Texas Driver License Suspension (180 days to 2 years), Annual surcharge, installation of an ignition interlock device, participation in drug & alcohol classes.

*In addition to the above-listed penalties, habitual offenders could receive a far more harsh sentence. For example, back in 2020, a Cooke County, TX, jury found a Gainesville man guilty of driving while intoxicated and sentenced him to 65 years in prison. He was a habitual DWI offender on his 9th DWI conviction.

Intoxication manslaughter cases can be upgraded or enhanced to a felony murder charge which could mean a life sentence for the convicted party. For example, a San Antonio man was sentenced to 60 years in prison in the aftermath of a deadly DWI-related auto accident. He was found guilty of felony murder.

As you can see, a conviction for a felony DWI can be quite punitive, regardless of whether a life was lost. At Tad Nelson & Associates, we take pride in having won in several tough DWI cases like those and the success we’ve had for our clients.

Facing Felony Prosecution for Drunk Driving?

Your Case Is Not Hopeless. Call Tad Nelson Today.

The worse thing you can do is panic when presented with felony DWI charges in Texas. Galveston DWI Lawyer Tad Nelson is one of the most decorated DWI lawyers in Texas and our nation as a whole. If you’re facing felony DWI charges, Tad Nelson & Amber Spurlock are among the most qualified lawyers for the job.

Tad Nelson is Board Certified® in criminal law attorney by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization®. He’s also an active member and student of the National College of DUI Defense® and recognized as an ACS/CHAL Lawyer-Scientist after graduating from the American Chemical Society® (ACS).

When you’re represented by Tad Nelson & Associates, your case is in the hands of skilled DWI attorneys. As a law firm, we continuously invest our time in education and scientific experiments related to human biochemistry and the effects of alcohol on the human body.

If you need help fighting for your freedom, call our law office today at 409-904-0075 or send us a message to schedule your free consultation.

About Felony DWI Offenses

Galveston DWI Lawyer Tad Nelson

DWI: Felony Offenses

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