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Want to Avoid a DWI Charge? There’s an App for That

Updated: May 4, 2024 @ 3:18 am

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Cell phones might be a major source of distraction, but what if they can help you avoid drunk driving?

At Tad Nelson & Associates, we do more than defend those accused of DWI. We actively promote public safety. In an ideal world, no one would drive drunk, but life happens. Unfortunately, we make mistakes which can lead to entanglements with the law.

Galveston DWI Lawyers

If you need legal representation for a DWI case or other criminal offense in Galveston, we’ll review your case at no charge. Give us a call at 409-904-0075 to schedule your appointment with our legal team.

In this article, we’ll review a few apps you could download in case you need a ride. Hiring a designated driver by using a ride hailing app can dramatically reduce your risk of an arrest for drunk driving.


Ridesharing has transformed the transportation industry in Texas. It is also a great resource for those who’ve had one too many and need to get home safely. The Uber app is easy to use, and you can request a driver to pull up to the bar or restaurant and pick you up. You can even pay for your ride using the app, which means no fumbling in your wallet or purse for money when you’re impaired.


Lyft is another popular rideshare company, much like Uber. They are in most of the big cities in Texas, including Houston, Galveston, and surrounding areas.


You can still get a taxi if you don’t want to use a rideshare company like Uber. Just download the SaferRide app. The app lets you request a taxi from a list and can even help show your location if you are too intoxicated to know where you are. SaferRide is available for both Android and Apple phones and has an easy-to-use interface.

DrinkControl: Alcohol Tracker

You can use this app to easily track your alcohol consumption, which is great for understanding how much alcohol you have actually ingested on any given night. The app can help you know if you’ve drunk too much. It also tracks alcohol consumption over time, which can reveal important clues about when you are prone to overdrinking.

Made a Mistake? We Can Help

Despite their best intentions, many of our neighbors still get behind the wheel when they shouldn’t. Maybe you felt fine after a couple beers at a bar, only to have a cop pull up behind you on your way home with lights flashing. Now you’ve blown a high number and are facing DWI charges, with a license suspension on top of it. What can you do?

Call Tad Nelson & Associates today. Most of our clients are not alcoholic but have made a stupid mistake which should not send them to jail for months or damage their reputation. We are the Houston firm to call when facing criminal charges for DWI.

Our team can:

  1. Review the facts, including your criminal history;
  2. Analyze what types of penalties you are facing;
  3. Identify defenses to raise to a DWI charge, including a challenge to the constitutional basis for the stop;
  4. Discuss possible plea deals.

Getting arrested—even having your license confiscated—does not mean you will be convicted of DWI. We have helped thousands of Texans take on and defeat DWI charges. Let us discuss your defense options today.

Arrested for DWI in Galveston?

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Tad Nelson is one of the most seasoned DWI defense attorneys in the state of Texas. If you need to talk with the defense lawyer about your case, call our law firm today. We can be reached at 409-904-0075.

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Want to Avoid a DWI Charge? There’s an App for That

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Want to Avoid a DWI Charge? There’s an App for That
Want to Avoid a DWI Charge? There’s an App for That
Want to Avoid a DWI Charge? There’s an App for That
Want to Avoid a DWI Charge? There’s an App for That
Want to Avoid a DWI Charge? There’s an App for That
Want to Avoid a DWI Charge? There’s an App for That