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DWI: With Child Passenger

Updated: Dec 13, 2022 @ 1:20 pm

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Driving while intoxicated with a person under the age of 15 in the vehicle is a felony DWI offense in Texas. The offense is harshly prosecuted in Galveston County courtrooms all the time. Formerly a misdemeanor, this criminal offense is classified as a State Jail Felony.

A conviction for this offense can cost you up to two years of your freedom, a hefty fine, a clean criminal record, and the suspension of your Texas Driver License. If you aren’t represented by an experienced lawyer on your day in court, you may have a limited chance for a favorable outcome.

Child Passenger DWI Cases Are Often Circumstantial

In most cases, when these types of criminal charges are filed, the driver is usually guilty of nothing more than being a victim of circumstance.

There was one case where a client of mine was arrested for DWI W/Child Passenger, and the circumstance was that he was called about an injury to his wife and immediately left his home with his child and was subsequently stopped by police for erratic driving.

(To make a bad situation worse. The man had a few beers after work.)

Our client wasn’t visibly intoxicated. However, the arresting police officer thought he smelled beer on the breath of my client, which led to the arrest and subsequent criminal charges.

During his criminal trial in court (we took the case to trial), the jury showed compassion to my client. He was spared from the more harsh penalties that could have been applied to this type of crime, which could have resulted in a lengthy prison sentence.

If you’re looking for answers following criminal charges for Driving While Intoxicated with a child passenger in the vehicle, contact our law office today. We have extensive experience defending individuals arrested for DWI while transporting a minor, and I’m sure we can help you too.

Criminal Penalties: DWI w/Child Passenger

Driving while impaired with a child passenger in the vehicle is classified as a State Jail Felony as prescribed by the Texas Penal Code. Persons convicted of the offense will face penalties as outlined by State Jail Felony sentencing guidelines as listed below.

Fine: Up To 10,000.00

Jail Time: 180 Days to 2 Years

Other Penalties: Felony Criminal Record, Texas Driver License Suspension

Arrested for DWI with a Child Passenger?

Call Attorney Tad Nelson For Legal Counsel Today.

You may be able to avoid jail if we have anything to say about it.

Attorney Tad Nelson
Attorney Tad Nelson

We’ve represented thousands of Texans facing jail for DWI-related criminal offenses. The skill and quality of our criminal defense team have had more than a handful of these types of cases either dismissed, reduced to misdemeanor DWIs, or dropped by the prosecution for a myriad of reasons.

Attorneys Tad Nelson & Amber Spurlock are the lead litigators on our legal team.

If you’re afraid or facing anxiety due to uncertainty, you’ll be overcome with encouragement about your case after we share some of the strategies we employ when fighting for our clients.

Although every case is different, the law is the same, and so is its mandate of the presumption of innocence. As licensed and experienced Texas DWI lawyers, it’s our duty to fight for your good name, freedom, and to ensure that your Constitutional Rights were not infringed.

If you need help, call us. Schedule your free consultation today by calling our law office at 409-904-0075. If you prefer to send us a message instead, use this linked contact form page.

DWI with Child Passenger Cases

Galveston DWI Lawyer Tad Nelson

DWI: With Child Passenger

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DWI: With Child Passenger
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DWI: With Child Passenger
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